Isabel and Jake

Isabel and Jake were adopted from the same farm as Asia and Darla in 2017.  Isabel and Asia each gave birth to their respective kids (Jake and Darla) about the same time.  Both are Nigerian Dwarf goats with beautiful light coats and markings.  Isabelle is very gentle and likes to be petted.  Jake is a large strapping boy who is more interested in being fed than petted.  He'll allow a quick pet if you have food.  Both are gentle and peaceful goats.



Then there's Walter.  Everyone loves Walter!  He's the obnoxious sort who likes to climb on everything, especially your back.  He likes to remove your hair ties, your hat, or pull your hoodie strings tighter.  He's the sweet bossy type.  We obtained Walter from a show goat breeder in Macomb Ohio last Fall.  He's always an instant favorite of our guests.  He likes all the attention and usually gets it.


In Memory

Daryl was Asia's little buck who was born with Darla.  We lost him shortly after he was banded (how goat's are fixed) due to a complication.  The Amazing DMV Dr. Farst tried everything he could to save him.  We miss him dearly.