Goat Yoga FAQ

Do I have to know Yoga?  No, it's designed for all levels.  It's an "easy flow" class that you can modify to your own level from first timer to advanced.  Many of our guests have never practiced yoga.

Will goats be climbing all over me?   The goats are trained to roam throughout the class pasture and they expect handouts of treats from our guests.  By holding out your offering or sprinkling some treats on your mat, the goats will visit you.  They may climb on your lap if you are sitting up and holding food.  Sprinkling food on your back during certain poses might encourage a goat to give you a nice back massage.  If you would prefer less goat contact, do not offer any food or snacks.

Are the goats aggressive?  Our goats are all Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf breeds.  They are gentle and peaceful by nature.  They may at times butt each other out of the way to get at food.  Stay aware when feeding treats, especially if several goats head toward you all at the same time for a treat.

What if the weather is bad?  Our goats hate working in the rain and cold wind and so do we.  Class will be cancelled if the weather is inclement.  You can attend another class on a nicer day.  If the weather is questionable, feel free to contact us via email or phone prior to the event.  We will also try and update and cancellations on this website and Facebook.

What if I register for a class and cannot make it?   We appreciate being notified as soon as possible so we can offer your spot to someone else who wants to attend.

Do I need my own yoga mat?   We have a very limited supply of mats to lend out.  It's preferable for you to bring a yoga mat, however, If you do not own a mat, please bring a blanket.

Can I bring food to feed the goats?   No. We provide all treats and food for the goats.

Can I bring others to watch and not participate?   No. Our classes are normally full and limited in space.  We want to respect the peacefulness of the practice and not disturb or distract those who have paid to practice.

Are restrooms provided?   Yes the restroom for our classes is indoors.


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