New Arrivals

Welcome Skye and Dusty to the herd.  They were born in November 2017 and are growing fast.  Both are intact bucks.  Introducing new kids to the herd is always a challenge as they fight for acceptance and food.  They are holding their own.  They are still a little shy but are warming up more everyday.  Skye is named for his sky blue eyes and Dusty for his soft dusty coat.  Both were obtained from Miller Goat Farm in Harrison Ohio.  A beautiful farm.


Asia and Darla

We adopted Asia and Darla from a farm in Xenia, Ohio.  Asia is the Queen of the herd and a bit bossy.  Nobody gets in the barn without her permission.  Darla is very friendly and gentle.  She likes to be petted for long periods of time and is not shy about approaching strangers, she will eat out your of hand and brings smiles to your face.


Meggie and Gennie

Meggie is the larger darker doe and Gennie lighter in color.  We added these two sweathearts in the Fall of 2017 from a farm that culled their herd in Orient Ohio.  They were part of 30+ goat herd with large pastures and came to us very wild.  Since the addition of younger kids to the herd they have found their place and have warmed up and allow petting and hand feeding and will approach you for food.