Dayton's Place for Goat Yoga


what is a Goat Yoga Experience?

The Goat Yoga Experience is unique to Secret Eden. It can only happen when you combine the practice of easy flow yoga with the natural splendor that surrounds you and the peaceful connection you'll make with our goats and hens. 

It's much more than a yoga class held in a farm field with goats or a trendy fad seen popping up in barns and bars.  It's a fun and spiritual experience like no other.  You'll feel it inside you.  You can see it in the faces next to you as you change poses or stop for a visiting goat.  An experience you can only feel at Secret Eden.  

Your experience will begin with a play and picture time where you meet the herd up close and take selfies and enjoy getting to know the herd.  Then you will lead the herd on a short hike back to one of our beautiful outdoor studios under the canopy of a pine forest.  Find a nice spot to lay your mat, and ease into a one hour easy flow yoga session designed for all levels.  Goats and chickens will grace your practice with their peaceful presence.  At the end of the yoga session you may opt to join us for an optional short hike around the property which leads the goats back to their barn pasture.  

Check out the Gallery and class videos for a taste of the experience.



You roll out your mat and we'll roll out the fun!

Like most guests, you'll probably arrive full of curiosity and a little apprehension.  No worries, all you need is your own yoga mat or blanket, we'll provide everything else.

The Goat Yoga Experience is for ages 15 years and older.  Our guests are non-judgmental towards yoga ability, body type or fear of little goats with horns.

Put your fears to rest.  Answers to questions may be found above on the FAQ/Contact Us link.



We're close in, yet far out:

We are located just a couple miles northwest of Downtown Dayton at 1075 W Siebenthaler Avenue.  Located in-between Catalpa and Philadelphia Streets.  We will have directional signage near the entrance.  Parking is tight, however we usually manage to fit all the vehicles into the drive.  Carpooling is appreciated.  Our drive is hidden from from the street so when you see the tree that overhangs the street and the speed limit signs, you have arrived.